Financial Assistance For Ontario Students Affected By Coronavirus Shutdowns

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Everyone is currently feeling the effects of COVID-19.

Recently with the shutdown due to the virus, our education, part-time jobs, and co-op positions have been adversely affected.

As students attending post-secondary, and with the Ford government's cuts to the Ontario Student Assistance Program, many of us are already living below the poverty level and take on multiple jobs and opportunities to support ourselves.

The end goal for the majority of us is to move into professional industries where we can contribute back to the country and government that supported us throughout this endeavor. 

Some students already live paycheque to paycheque or rely on government loans and subsidies to survive. The food banks and donation programs on campus have unfortunately closed down, computer and library access have been cut, and we will all potentially feel the negative impact of this. Many of us now face anxiety and fear of being unable to finish school or having nowhere to turn financially. 

We are asking Ontario Colleges and Universities, the Provincial and Federal Governments to take a stand to financially support their students during this crisis and economic downturn. 

We are asking for enough assistance to survive. 

Thank you.