We Bankers want early and Handsome pay hike.

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As you all know that our salary hike which is called "Bipartite settlement" is due since 1 november 2017. Govt of India has issued many letters to IBA about this issue but it looks like that there is no development on it and no body intrested to do that. We are less salary paid employees in terms of work load and risk factors. How to survive in current pay if starting net salary of a clerk is 20000 rs. In the comparison of this central government employees gets around 31000 to 33000 (clerk) starting salary. It's very hard to survive in 20000 in a month if we have 5 dependents in our family. Govt of India says that there important schemes implemented through PSB's But we won't pay them for there work. Because donkeys don't deserve to pay more then there food. It's very hard to listen but it's true. PMJDY, PMSBY, PMJBY, APY, SSY, SCS, Adhaar Enrolment etc. There are countless schemes. And general banking is also there.

     We are doing many agencies work like Pmsby and PMJBY we are doing as insurance companies work. For APY we are doing as PFRDA work. AADHAAR enrollment as a UIDAI work. Then pay us for these agencies work also. Govt of India says that Bankers are Public servent for there work but for good salary they uses Bank board and bank losses. 

     If things are not changed then that day does come very soon when bankers will start suside things. Banks didn't paid overtime yet for there work during note ban even after letter given by IBA to all banks.

    It's humble request to you, Please do early our wage hike and we want pay parity with central government employees.