Cut Income Tax Or Provide Special Privilege

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As per the Finance minister statement only 2.5% of PPL in india are paying taxes. It implies the following:

1. Only 2.5% of Indians are earning more than 2.5 lakhs per year. which is 100% unbelievable.

2. 2.5% of Honest ppl account for 97.5% of remaining PPl which is 100% unfair.


1. We pay 30% tax on top of that paying GST for all products we use to purchase. Since the GST varies from 5% to 28% lets take a median value of 18% GST overall. So we end up paying 48% tax for being salaried person.

2. With remaining 52% of Salary we have, we need to take care of Medical expenses of the entire family, education expenses of children at home.

i). the schools are charging unanimously near to 1 Lakh rupees for Pre-KG school, which is not even part of our Standard CBSE regulation. Since None of the Schools are not ready to give admissions at 1st STD, we are forced to get admissions for Pre-KG, LKG, UKG which is waste of close to 3Lakhs over.

ii). Now come to medicos, Doctors are charging 300rs min at cinics, Reputed hospitals at cities are charging 750rs to 1000rs for mere consultation. We end up paying min of 25000 rs for just a Viral fever/cough/cold.  So on the account of Education & Medical grounds we are forced to spend 30% of salary.

3. With remaining 22% of salary, we need to live in a Rented house, pay for groceries, entertainment expenses, travelling expenses, and for day to day hiking petrol/diesel prices etc, etc.

Since the Poor Citizens like President, VP, Governors of India cant able to bear their expenses, they have been given a good Hike to manage their day to day expenses. I appreciate it. Like wise i would like to have the same for the 2.5% of the very ultra poor salaried sector who works day & night to run this country hard & accounts for remaining 97.5% of the honest non taxable citizens.

Special Privileges:

Since we spend close to what we earn, we are left with nothing to save & have to rely on the PF funds which got saved unknowing all the years. Since you have made a tax on that too, do you want to live in this country as a responsible citizen or go & sell pakoda's? Since we are cornered every year with your financial budjet, pls provide us the following privileges for paying Special fools tax called Income Tax

1. If we loose our private Job, please repay our taxes till we get job.

2. If the tax payer dies in between, govt should provide the complete Tax paid amount to their family.

3. Provide Concession travelling in Govn running Railways  & Tourism cottages etc etc.

4. Provide 5% Reservation in Govn Job to the next Gen of the Current Income Tax paying generation(Bloody again no caste inside & not for current Govn employees, since they get salary from our tax). 


We have only 2 options to survive. Either Abolish income Tax, we will take care ourselves with left over money. Or provide Special Privileges as we have mentioned.

So either provide Special privileges to Income Tax payers like freedom fighters.. Provide us free Medication/Education, Housing at Govn sectors Or subsidized Air/Train travelling tickets like IAS/IPS officers. Or worst case no Traffic penalties for Salaried income tax payers. 

Since the current taxation system is totally failed in making everyone accountable for paying income taxes, there is no point in continuing with the current system which was crafted with a biggest hole in it for the majority of people to escape through it. We can run this country with GST & corporate tax itself.

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