Make Cryptocurrencies Legal In India

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Dear Friends,
Finance Minister announced that,"Government will ensure every measure to eliminate cryptocurrencies in illegitimate operations".

But this statement does not actually proves that Government will ban cryptocurrencies in India. Lack of technical competencies and tax abide laws for usage of cryptocurrencies proves that our government is incapable of accepting new technologies.

While when we see the whole world then you will find the biggest economies like America,Japan,Russia,South Korea and many other European Countries are accepting the usage of cryptocurrencies.

On one hand,our PM Narendra Modi promotes Digital India while on the same hand his government is restricting the usage of Cryptocurrencies which in itself a digital asset.

We believe that our government should take help from these countries and come with a regulation to avoid money laundering on exchanges and support the usage of cryptocurrencies in India.

We at Sragy take  KYC processing very seriously which further ensures that no illicit transaction takes placeon Sragy  and we do record of every transaction that takes place on our platform. We are ready to help our government in any possible way that can either be in terms of technology or it can be laws which need to be abide in these processes.

Please file this petition to support the usage of Cryptocurrencies in India and help us in building a strong Blockchain Community.