Grave Injustice of 18% GST on Elders' Medical Cover needs scrapping!

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It is a stark reality that Elder Care in India is one of the poorest in the world in terms of ensuring Dignity, Security and top of the need - Health Care. True the new 5- lakh policy 'Ayushman Yojana' is aimed with good intention for economically poor, but does not have the the required logistics for right implementation. By and large elderly, only about one fourth of 120 ml of them, are going for self financed Mediclaim policies. It is a dire necessity to partially meet rising hospitalisation costs so inseparable with old age. With the high rate of 18% GST on top of steeply enhanced premia costs, it is nothing but a decision that looks like fleecing and should not be source of profit, which is now even higher than service  tax charged prior to introduction of GST. This is highly inequitable and violation of progressive principles of taxation and unjust in the face of total absence of Social Security net for elders for ever increasing Health Care needs.

I, with all deserving Senior Citizens of the nation appeal that GST should be brought down to 5% bracket for Mediclaim policies purchased by the Sr. Citizens with immediate effect. Recently GST was rationalised in various categories and this new tax system is still trying to find its feet on a stable platform. This move would immensely benefit the increasing populace ( would reach 200ml by 2030) of this vulnerable section of the society  who served the nation in the past to reach its present status. Let us not forget it and grind them to pay by putting them in almost the highest tax bracket.