Government to let working class pay EMI to banks after 6 months as all business are closed

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Message for our PM Mr Narendra Modi ji

Below is the message from more of us who want to say but we know there is no answere of it but if our goverment pass the rule than it can release a huge burden more than 60% to 70% of working class people of middle or upper middle class families.
It just a request and would like to bring in notice to our Indian Government that, there are majority of people who do jobs, service or people with small business, everyone works hard to earn and try to fulfill there needs by taking different kind of loan like whether its Housing Loan, Vehicle loan, home appliances, Credit cards etc.
Its not only to spend on to get lavish life but just make family happy and for personal reasons.
Like other country India is also fighting with issue of CORONA VIRUS, we are at intial stage to fight such conditions and we are forced indirectly not work due to CORONA VIRUS , which is understandable because" jaan hai toh jahan hai "
But we wish that all Banks of our country and government also understand and pass some temprory rule where we get 3 months or as per market situation
EMI'S postponed (i.e can pay latter)and should not get any calls from banks and collection team for non payment of dues and no fines will be recharged on it.. Because its common issue and everyone is facing it.
Just think about the hospitality industry the Travel Industry in particular is helpless as they have to pay for  leased property, Refunds to Clients on cancelled bookings, Air Tickets, To pay IATA BSP or license will stand cancelled, staff salaries etc and all staff depends on them.
Now think about staff , as many Travel Agencies have told staff to go back home and come after 1-2 months as there is CORONA VIRUS issue going on and there will be no business and even if we assume it will get sort out in month or two still people will try to recover there loss ⚖️and try to increase savings that means no one will immediately start spending on Leisure Travel. 
So how those people will survive and how can small scale employee fulfill there needs and pay there EMI'S.
It was just an example like wise there are many other firms and number of employer and employees suffering of this internally burden of bank EMI.
So,lets start a chain and share this message as much as you can on all social media.
Let's make our government to take a call on this, we support our government now our government should support us. As always lower class or upper class have been given a priority for to get reimbursement of any kind of such losses. Businessmen get benefits in taxes and labour class getting certain amounts from governments and ration.
Now its time to speak up and spread this message for middle class people who do work and buy there needs of house, vehicles, education, home appliance,etc on BANK INSTALLMENTS.

��‍♀️NO EMI