India LandLords should accept cheques and wire-transfers as Rent - support Digital India

In the demonetization drive, most of us are short of cash - and would prefer to give cheques or wire transfer our rents ( which are a huge component of our monthly outflows) to our landlords. My office colleagues and friends are facing challenge to get land lords to accept this - perhaps due to inertia and reluctance to declare the collected rent as white income - which is doubly bad - as most of the house renters get their salary as white money and paying that in cash to land lord gives them no advantage.

I want to petition the Government of India and Government of Karnataka to bring a rule that all housing related transactions such as rental payments must be through formal banking and digital banking.

This has double benefits - economy becomes whiter and renters get relief from hassle and harassment by land lords

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  • Finance Ministry and PMO

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