Req. to IND Govt. to waive txn. fee of IMPS txfr. atleast till Dec 30

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 So after ₹500 and ₹1000 lost its glory, Poor and Middle-class are suffering the most. As Indian citizen and netizen, I know Technology can help us from wasting time and effort standing in queue. So Here is one way how we can ease this transition.

IMPS is immediate payment transfer system brought by Indian Govt sometime ago, which one can send money to anyone (any Individual or merchant from or to any bank) just knowing 2 things. 1> Recipient Mobile No. and 2> MMID (7 digit random number issued by the bank upon registration)

I'm sure that any Indian will definitely have any bank account and Mobile no. All banks support this IMPS, but public awareness is low. These transactions can be done without INTERNET too. While Modi has made bold step, Govt should have out-spoken and encouraged people to use this services.

If you want to implement this, just register to obtain MMID (just a simple SMS from mobile no mapped to bank account) Govt of IND has official site where baby-steps of how to do transaction is clearly given.

If I'm a seller (say fish), If you buy fish from me for Ex. ₹138, then I should give you is my mobile no and MMID. For SBI bank initiate transaction just by a SMS, to 9223440000 “IMPS <seller Mobile No> < seller MMID> <amount> <your UserID> <your MPIN> <Purpose (Optional- 20 Char)>” Like “IMPS 9999278463 7654321 138 exa123 1234 boughtfishfor138”. This format varies with banks. Merchants can just stick MMID and Mobile no in front of store. People after buying can transfer instantly with this. After txn, both seller and buyer will receive txn confirmation sms.

Yes, This service costs ₹5 per transaction (depends on bank), which is where I need your help. Atleast until Dec 30 I request Govt to waive this transaction fee, which will enable people to more this service to most and benefit out of this technology. Hence pls forward this info and creates public awareness. You can support me-aRvInD by signing my petition to IND Govt Your 1-minute effort will definitely help on easing this issue that affects every common man!

 -Proud Indian

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