To persuade RBI to stay cancellation of banking licence to The CKP co-operative Bank

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This is an earnest appeal to the fourth estate to protect the depositors from the REGULATOR'S discriminatory action against the 125000 depositors majority are senior citizens whose Rs.485 Crores are held up in the CKP BANK.

Will RBI give criteria or justification about the revival of two biggest fraud stricken banks, MADHAVPURA URBAN COOP BANK , Revival package Rs.800 crores in the year 2000, Latest YES BANK (Private Bank), in 2020 march, more than Rs.20,000 Crores . Pumping in more than Rs.70,000 crores in Nationalised banks. If these decisions are in larger public interest by using tax payer's money then why discrimination on CKP Bank??

The depositors and employees have raised about Rs.25 Crores in share capital, they have accepted the rate of interest at 2% on deposits all this had brought the bank in operating profit of about Rs.15 Crores. Then instead of making a restructuring plan to support the efforts of bank management, depositors and employees, the RBI has taken such an coercive action in this lockdown due to pandemi? Is it not deliberate and wilful action to deny the principle of natural justice and to seek the fundamental rights to DIGNIFIED LIFE of the depositors?

The FOURTH PILLAR of democracy may show the courage and commitment to protect the intetest of depositors in this situation.