Kerala government stop taxing disabled drivers

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The Kerala Government has limited the mobility of people with disabilities (PWD) by restricting road tax exemptions.

Now the automatic transmission cars priced above Rs 700,000 attract the regular road tax, making it difficult for wheelchair-bound people to buy a vehicle which provides easy entry and exit and driving comfort.

None of the cars in this price band fitted with an automatic gearbox, which is much expensive compared to the normal ones, is handy for them because of its small size.

No vehicle with ample legroom and comfort to self-drive is available in Kerala for them, forcing the PWDs to go back to the motorised tricycles which are extremely risky to drive on the state's notoriously rickety roads.

The government should remove all barriers before the PWDs and immediately withdraw its order dated 18/03/2016 amending the 31/03/98 notification that exempted vehicles owned by PWDs from paying road tax fully.

Kerala's record in making public places accessible to all is also abysmal with mone of the government offices, including the State Assembly and Secretariat, having a car park reserved for them.

This is also in violation of the