Instruct Banks to End Hidden Charges

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This is about the 

account holders of some of the nationalized banks of our country.they are the victims of the hidden charges and other unwanted and uninformed deductions of money from their accounts by the banks on different pretexts.

Government should instruct banks not to collect these charges and stop these deductions as banks are supposed to earn profit by lending the money for the rates of interest higher than what they give to the depositors and not by collecting hidden, unwanted and uninformed charges from the accounts of their customers.

We would like to place our experience which can be a common experience for a lot of account holders who are the victims of the same activities of the banks.

Saurabh Smriti Seva Sansthan (R) Mysore, Karnataka got opened its account in a local branch of a prominent bank of public sector in the beginning of the year 2018.its code is 40680 . the branch debited more than one third of the the amount deposited in the name of minimum balance.they never gave any information to the account holder about it.neither before the deductions nor after that.from April 2020 they started sending sms after deducting the amount and forcibly grabbed all the money.

We came to this forum after getting no redressal from other concerned platforms.