Rationalisation in posting of bank officials

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With utmost sincerity I want to bring to the notice of all people concerned to have fair policy on transfers of the bank employees. To this date the posting of officers to different branches of the banks is done by the Zonal managers who most of the time keep their cronies for decades at single place without posting them to the places due to them and officers who are    Working hard for the bank are thrown away to far flung places. These officers since do not involve in the buttering of seniors had to go to isolated and rural areas for long tenures; is it not unfair on the part of the organisation to do so with these honest officers. Hereby, I seek remedy to this ever growing menace whereby the govt or the institution can itself make rules for controlling the transfers by having centralised control rather than leaving it to the fancies of the Zonal managers... if the govt is willing for bank reforms then it can surely get the data from all banks asking their posting policies and rules and it would be reccommended if it could get the list of all the officers and their tenures for their entire service. It will surely be evident to all who is at fault... I am hoping that this present govt which has been very proactive in conducting bank reforms will surely look into this aspect too because it would surely help in removing the banks from the clutches of people who use transfer as a tool for their ulterior motives.