Pension should be provided to every Tax Payer in India.

Pension should be provided to every Tax Payer in India.

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I'm 17 years old and I live in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

In India, every person who earns Rs. 2,50,000 and above pays Income Tax to the government, and the government is very strict about the payment of taxes. 

People who receive the subsidies and other benefits from the government are those who do not pay tax, and are poor. All those facilities are not given to every person of the country. So, it is like higher earning people are forced to give donation to the government for the well-being of the poor people of the country.

Now, I want to explain about the main issue on the hand - PENSION. Government gives pension to only those people who have retired from government organisations, that is, the retired government employees. No pension is given to the service sector people and the businessmen. I'm making this petition because it affects every tax payer in the country who doesn't work for the government. 

A person cannot work after a certain age, in most cases it is 56-60, so they retire. And, retired people who aren't ex-government employees do not have a source of income or any other kind of financial support from the government to help them in living. These people pay a huge amount of their whole life's income to the government and the government, in turn doesn't give them back what they deserve.

The pension that may be given to the mentioned people, will be based on the income tax they pay, so there will be justice for all. Also, this Change may encourage more people to be fully open about their income, and pay the right taxes.