Why Should Pensioners Pay Income Tax Completing Service Terms After Retirement

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Why Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) should Lavy Income Tax on Pension

I, Col Som Prakash Sharma Retd, with Motto Soldier Once Soldier Always (SOSA)

Veteran Appeal honourable Prime Minister of Indian please Ensure that all employees who deficate their lives serving Children of Mother India (COMI) throughout are placed on Financial hardships at the infirm and aged senior citizen life.

All 80Lakhs pensioner's are at an average pay Rs10000 to Rs1.5 Lakhs per years which is ideally calculated not more than Rs150/200 Crores Per year. It can be calculated accurately by Ministery of Finance Planning as well.

Why pensioners should not be taxed,


1) All Sallaried Employees are Taxed on Salary;

2) All have Retired after completing Terms of Service engagement after 25 to 36+ years of Service;

3) Pension is Supernuation Financial Means Paid to Employees in as retired senior citizen, therefore unlikely should be taxed as Salary ;

4) Pension is not earned through work or Job offered by Government or any commercial activities;

5) Pension is awarded to Employees for Examplary Services to the complete satisfaction of Government of India. Colonel feels that Awards are Honoured, and not to Abused Examplary Services.

6) Another Important Issue is need review, a Government of India Employee's who serve Country with Dedication Commitment after sacrifing all his personal comforts family interest children good education, poor family health for sake of Country and Still Taxed by Illiogical Irrational and Irrelevant Tax on Already Taxed Salary.

*Why Any elected MP, MLA, or MLC or any other elected body members pension is not Taxed?* 

7) Soldier Appeal Prime Minister of India to please Consider Pension Hardships of Employees and MPs while,

  (a) Employees Service is complusion of life serving families like your Serving 125Crore Indians, and

  (b) for MPs an opportunity to Plunder loot and Earn Pension enjoying all perks of Lives with Out Tax.

I on behalf of Indian pensioners appeal Honourable Prime Minister of India to review CBDT tax regime and abolish Income Tax on Taxed Salaried Employees. thanks