Input Tax credit in GST for Diesel purchased by Drilling Rig for water well Drilling etc.

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Water & infrastructure are both very essential for the survival of any living being & for the progress of the nation.

“Water is a blessing for human kind. It is the life blood of farming. Nations, cities and civilizations have grown near rivers. Our scriptures have praised the life giving quality of water. At the same time, having an excess of water or its complete absence can be a curse too. Last year, many parts of our country were affected by drought. Farmers were in acute distress. This year, we are having a deluge of water, leading to flash floods and consequent destruction and loss of valuable property in many States of the Union. Once again, farmers in these parts are in distress. In a way, these two phenomena demonstrate the vulnerability of our people to the vagaries of nature. They also demonstrate the importance that irrigation can play in mitigating the risk arising out of fluctuating rainfall – both when it is in shortage and when it is in excess. Irrigation can ensure that people’s suffering from water related disasters is minimized and that they enjoy the benefit of nature’s bounty.”

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