Gandhi Bapu way to Fight Chinese Goods

Gandhi Bapu way to Fight Chinese Goods

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Bodhay Bodh started this petition to Finance Minister of India and

We have lost soldiers at Border. Let’s act before we become busy with our life.

1. Gandhi Bapu way by People

Gandhi Bapu boycotted British Goods to give message to British Parliament. Non-violent way of giving tough message & generating local employment. We respect our democratic friends of UK now.

At least by doing so we are not paying to our enemy to fight against us. As they earn from what we buy from them.

WTO or World Courts also can’t stop us from doing so. Let it be â people movement. Let history book of our next generation teach what we did for fighting against tyrant nation, China.

Let’s pledge that we will be buying zero items belonging or generating out of China. We will only buy things manufactured in India or in other friendly nations.

Why Govt should ban, let’s uninstall all remaining Chinese apps on single day, 15th of August. Let them go to Supreme Court, let’s defeat them in People’s Court. Let’s take a pledge for same. 

2. Government support 

Let Govt also support people movement. Few things what Govt can do.

Incentivise local manufacturing, brainstorm & find some solution to curb imports from China.


  • Any company which is importing Chinese raw material more than 10 Cr in a year. If that company can reduce import by 50%, they will get 1% reduction in Corporate Income Tax. Or
  • If they reduce import by 50%, they will get 20% Value of that import as benefit in Corporate Income Tax. 

  • Or one of the above, whichever is lower.
  • Let Chief Ministers of states give similar tax benefits within their limits, like if reduce import from China & establish new company, land at concessional rates. No permissions, no checking for 10 years, only self certification. Cheaper electricity charges, less stamp duty, less property tax, water charges, many ways to motivate industries to reduce imports.

Let them go to courts, WTO, a year is enough before the judgement is arrived.

Also, just like we have disturbed area law, in which, no one can buy or sell property without approval from Designated Authority, we can have similar law prohibiting import from certain countries without prior approval.

Lets have law for “Enemy Nations”, let’s define new rules just like it was done after partition. 

If we can clap for Corona Warriors, the Govt & opposition together should similarly declare this 15th August as Chinese app uninstall day. Let’s create momentum through schools, NGOs, Local Govt, Panchayats.

3. International Support

All of us should take a pledge to reach our friends outside India to put pressure on their Govt to act similarly against China, as it will reach slowly to their country also, sooner or later.

Let’s start thanking leaders like Mr Pompeo, French Defence Minister, Ms Nikkey Haley individually & also through this petition for speaking loud against China.

4. Traders & Industrialists

Let this reach to bosses in our company, promoters, board members. Let them pledge to reduce Chinese import to zero. Some example, Similar pledge by JSW Group. Open support is already there from Anand Mahindra. Let all industrialists & traders pledge for similar commitments. If we can achieve 2% CSR target, why can’t we achieve 0% Chinese import target.

This will be our pledge to support our Defence forces that we are with them.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!