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Decrease Minimum balance in Public sector banks

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First I'd like to thank Indian Government for promoting digital transactions, electronic fund transfers, online bill payment, etc., rather than cash transactions. This benefits the Government as well as the public in long term (reduce the corrupt...)

But in the other hand Government banks like SBI had increased the minimum balance to maintain in their savings accounts based on the region, this doesn't help the purpose of the statement "Digital India". It's completely against our vision is what I mean. Not everybody in metro can afford to maintain a minimum balance of 5000Rs. Also this forces many people to close their bank accounts and to handle cash transactions, as the banks put penalty for those who doesn't maintain the minimum balance. This petition doesn't talk only about Metro's, it's the same in other regions as well. 

Request your help  to reduce the minimum balance to Rs.500 or set the minimum balance based on individual's income. This will help both the Government and public.


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