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When the common tax paying citizen has to comply with the law and the elected representatives blatantly abuse their powers bestowed to them through election. A lot of infrastructure projects are not being allocated in a transparent way, rather these are being awarded to either their benami companies or friends or caste bias. Education is not accessible to all irrespective of their religion, caste or ethnic background. 

It is time,we define how and where our tax is being spent and the citizens should form a committee to audit the taxes and how much of their money is spent on which projects and why. 

As a citizen, who has found discrepancy in how my taxes are being spent. I have proactively done this form. Since, I do not see my taxes being useful to me. Hence, I have right to request for a similar form, to be included as part of my tax filing. We request every citizen to please constructively incorporate any missing segments, which I as an individual could not capture them. But we want this. I see some government officials misusing the funds for lavish lifestyle and cars and unnecessary security overheads. We also want to automate the governing structures, where we do not need to rely on biased judgments and biased laws.

We request legal experts to please help us make a fool proof form, so that we have legal binding from Government and we have every right to impeach them.

Can somebody help us with a PIL, asking Ministry of Finance to incorporate this form as part of annual Tax Filing, where they are sign the legal binding agreement to use the taxes payed by me and all the government office provide audited logs of the every tax money spent. We also see, a lot of government officials purchasing high end cars like toyota fortuner, innova, audi using tax payers money.  Except the prime minister and governor and president of india, vice president and cheif justice. we do not want to give these previleges to all. This is abuse of power.  


On tax filing, please start including this form and force the government to incorporate and act based on our suggestions

We would like to deposit our taxes in an joint escrow account and release the amount at the end of completion of the contract 


Open Letter to the President of India, Hon'ble Pranab Mukherjee and the cheif Justice of India.

Hon'ble President of India.

Thank you for making GST a reality, which is NOT perfect, but a step towards single taxation. I as a tax payer, your employer or employer of the government, or one of the stake holders who is paying any governing representatives salary am not convinced with the approach.

I one for sure, would like to have a SAY ON HOW AND WHERE MY TAXES ARE BEING SPENT, when i am paying the taxes and i/we the citizens of india should have a say on how our taxes are being spent. During our annual filing, when we have to comply with the filings of our hard earnings, why is that we should not have a say on how and where our tax money is spent, if it is not spent, it should be returned back to us with interest. You have been the architect of GST along with Hon'ble Dr.Manmohan Singh. We request you to make this happen. We have gone ahead and drafted a form for your reference, that we citizens would like you to include as part of the budgetary allocation of the taxes
2. We would like to have our taxes deposited not directly to you, but into an account linked to our saving bank account. This money will be there as an ESCROW account, where in based on our satisfaction, it would be released, based on the performance of the employee and the effective execution of the policy outlined by the citizens of india, who are the paymasters for the governing councils. We are requesting all the citizens of india, to have tax link account, where the tax is deposited in the account rather than given directly to you.

3. Let me outline what are the taxes we are paying

Income tax - As soon as we get our salary - Tax deduction at Source
Toll Tax : on the way to home.
Annual Land Tax
Electricity Tax
Tax when we purchase petrol and diesel
Tax when we purchase any goods
tax for education
if we purchase medicine we pay tax


We do not want to pay directly to the government our taxes, we would like to deposit in an escrow account our taxes, and we will only release when our terms and conditions are met. Isn't it the case, when an employer hires you, he first expects you to work and deliver and then you get paid. why is that we should pay taxes upfront when the work is substandard and biased.

Please think about it. To the citizens of india, it is time that we deposit our taxes in an escrow account, where the government of india/department of taxes is a joint account holder. Every citizen deposits all the tax in the account and releases only based on accomplishment of the tasks. The advantage of this approach is accountability of the government and also we can calculate exactly what percentage of our money is the tax we are paying and what is that we are getting in return.

Can somebody file a PIL in this regard in the Supreme Court of India.

Requesting all citizens to document, how your tax money is wasted, please post links as comments! 



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