Save Toy Trade :Roll back 200% Duty hike on Toys

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Union Finance Minister proposed 200% hike in Import duty in Union Budget for 2020-21 to promote Make in India. The Indian Toy Fraternity welcomes all the steps taken by the Government of India to promote Make in India. This move is also in the larger National Interest and should be welcomed if the Government had taken following points into consideration before taking such a hard decision.

1. Absence of manufacturing facilities for International quality electronic and innovative Toys in India. The  share of import is about 85 % in total trade. Such a steep hike in duty  will make the Toys unaffordable for the parents. No toys store can survive without such toys. Thus resulting in downing the shutters of Toy shops which are already struggling for survival due to online deep discounts and poor market conditions affecting the livelihood of millions of people in this trade.

2 Toys play a significant role in education and skill development of the children. This move will deprive the young children from their basic right to play with International quality and safe toys.

3. The Government of India is requested to provide infrastructure and incentives to establish manufacturing facilities for Safe and international quality Toys in India under Make in India program in a time bound manner  and till the time such facilities are not available, the proposed duty hike should be rolled back keeping in view the families associated with this trade and children's right to play with International quality toys.

Toy Association Gurugram is concerned about the livelihood of its members and the entire Toy Fraternity of India at large and Indian children's right to play with International quality toys at affordable rates and appeal to All Indians and the Government to support and save the Trade.