Entire road transport industry is on strike for last 7 days; fighting for its survival !

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Transport industry is reeling under losses caused by faulty handling of Government, especially policies regarding Fuel, Toll, Insurance and GST along with E-way Bill. The cost of truck movement has gone up by 32% in 30 months as per the Carriage By Road Cost Index (CRI); the freight in proportion has increased only by 12%; thus making the industry an unviable proposition. Industry demands- 

  1. Diesel prices need to be arrested and the changes should be limited on a quarterly basis, as against the daily changes at present.
  2. Toll payment mechanism need to be changed to avoid continuous stoppage at toll plazas which eats away time and fuel both.
  3. Third party insurance is mandatory for trucks; yet IRDA, the regulating authority, keeps on increasing premium year after year without any satisfactory explanation. Transporters need to be a part of decision making.
  4. Many provisions of GST contradict the NO REGISTRATION required for transport for ease of operation; those need to be ironed out.
  5. E-Way bill has become draconian for transporters, as they are being penalized for small errors in E way bills to the tune of lakhs (may run into crores). Errors and Intentions need to be defined. Industry gives jobs to under matriculations hence errors are unavoidable.

Unfortunately even after getting notice with demands in writing in advance by  45 days from AIMTC, the transporters' national association, Govt did not bother to meet the transporters. Now after 7 days, Government is sitting tight as if they are dealing with criminals. Transport Industry needs public support if their are issues are appreciated by people.

We request Finance Minister, Transport Minister and finally Prime Minister to help transporters to live a dignified life. Let us not wait for the plight of truckers to be like Indian farmers who can not pay loans hence commit suicide.