Chance to Dance

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“Join your friends, family, and the Loyola Community to catch the game in between classes!” - Lu Wolf, Loyola University Chicago. 

"Loyola is playing in this year's NCAA tournament… its first tournament appearance in 33 years..." - USA Today. 

“With the way this team shoots and defends, are these upcoming upsets within Ramblers' reach?” - Shane McNichol, ESPN. 

“Porter Moser's Loyola Chicago squad, a No.11 seed, is the trending sleeper of the 2018 NCAA tournament…” – Matthew Giles, Washington Post. 

“Sister Jean Schmidt is the 98-year-old chaplain for the men's basketball team at Loyola, and this year her prayers have been answered...” - Windy City Live. 

03 23 1963:

Loyola University in Chicago endured a true test of forbearance. Found amidst a marathon of changing tides, our people became bulletproof, in times of sickness & health, poverty & wealth, faith & delayed reward. And, after more than 30 years in exile, our dancing drought from March hoops has ended.

03 04 2018:

RAMBLERS basketball interceded our every prayer.

If you remember nothing from your classes, I promise you that you’ll remember this as the week of the BLERS. Our ‘chance to dance’ has motivated us all for mountainous, more than a classroom lesson ever will. Many, including myself, have been condemned to completing a Finance exam throughout the duration of our first-round matchup against Miami. I urge Loyola administration to declare a university-wide hiatus of academic activity on Thursday to allow students to properly witness our school’s history unfold.

"Success is never owned; it is only rented – and the rent is due every day." - Vaden. 

Rent is due, ladies & gentlemen, and RAMBLERS are about to pay. Roll Blers. Bless, and happy Hump Day.