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Protectors of Indian society

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Indian protectors(police,army or a politician) doing crime, its a serious problem. We need to find the route cause of their unnatural behavior. 

Indian police offices average salary is around  INR 300k anual income where as in other countries like USA average salary is $ 65k there is a huge difference its in millions.

They started doing this service because somewhere in their heart they have love for their nation and its people but they do crime because of their increasing needs and requirements but very low wages.

Starting from traffic police to Rahul's murderers all have become criminals. Its a kind request to our finance ministry look at the seriousness of this case and increase salary of police officers. 

 While hiring scientist we have to give extremely tough exam to be part of ISRO then why not for forces.. Apart from IPS we should have more tough and serious exams to judge their moral values and thinking. Home ministry has to do something about it. 

Why just for forces their should be an exam to become a politician. Yes I know we are from one of the most democratic nation but still we should bring the change and their should be IIT or IAS level of difficulty to pass that exam because politicians are the base of nation.

Rahul will get Justice m sure and those criminals should be punished so hard that other criminals will learn a lesson and understand that they are doing service "for the people" .


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