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Finalize the Clean Air Protections Against Deadly Soot Pollution

The Obama Administration has proposed new clean air standards that would cut down on the amount of deadly soot pollution and save tens of thousands of lives every year. But corporate polluters don’t want to change their practices, so they’re pushing back hard against these important protections for the air we breathe.

If we want these important safeguards to go into effect, we need to make our support loud and clear.

Please sign our petition today and we’ll deliver your public comment to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson urging her to finalize these vital new clean air protections.

Letter to
Obama Administration
We write to express our support for the Obama Administration’s new clean air protections and urge you to enact the strongest possible safeguards on deadly soot pollution in order to protect American families and our planet.

Soot kills tens of thousands of Americans each year. The soot in our air is damaging our lungs, triggering asthma attacks, and causing strokes and heart attacks. It is especially dangerous to children's developing lungs and has even been linked to cancer. Scientific studies have shown that we simply can't afford the health costs of waiting any longer to adequately strengthen the standards on this dangerous pollutant.

We urge you to continue to follow the best available science and finalize strong standards for soot as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued leadership in reducing harmful pollution and protecting public health.

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