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A Final Solution to the Vaccine Debate

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I am the urban legend

I am an adult who had an adverse reaction due to a vaccination.

How do I know this? - Because what I was administered with does not appear in the vaccination schedule for adults within the Australian Vaccination Handbook and furthermore the product that was administered has never been trialled on anyone in my demographic bracket, resulting in no applicable contraindication data but medical error by definition. 

My adverse reaction was extreme, leaving me physically disabled to this day.

For the record: I am neither anti or pro vax as both sides are driven by extremes.

I have no affiliation with any company, organisation or social agenda.

I simply have my journey. One where I have experienced physical, verbal and emotional abuse at the hands of strangers, keyboard warriors right through to nurses and doctors.

I am tired of being classed as an "anti - vaxxer" by default because there was an error. Though I was simply following doctors orders, society is told by the media to hate me, to question my motive or my sheer existence. That I am someone with no credibility because my case flies in the face of everything we are told is truth.

If I had been administered any other pharmaceutical product, society would declare their sympathy. However, because my body reacted adversely - I am treated as someone to be feared, someone to be censored.

My journey has given me a unique perspective when it comes to the vaccine debate. Due to this, I feel I can present a peaceful resolution to the vaccine debate once and for all:

1) No Fault Compensation Fund

Things can and do go wrong. This is the simple premise of why insurance companies actually exist. The attitude towards adverse reaction patients needs to change. As citizens, we partake in being vaccinated because we want to do our part, to do the right thing. However when things go wrong, suddenly we are made to feel like criminals, like a threat to society. 

An adverse reaction patient does not automatically = an "anti - vaxxer" that wishes to see the world burn and babies dies. 

For those genuine cases of adverse reaction, there is no automatic disability pension or disability state funding. Quite the contrary, in my own case I only qualified for an ACROD sticker and have had to go into debt to acquire the most basic of equipment and services. 

A No Fault Compensation Fund could be afforded by creating a new tax.

Option a) A tax similiar to the Medicare levy

            b) A tax on vaccination products

            c) Suggestions? (I'm not a politician)

If we can have a No Blame Compensation Fund for victims of crime and car accident victims, we must look to care for other Australians injured through no fault of their own.

2) Changing what it means to be vaccinated

Being at the centre of the vaccination debate, one thing became clear.

Both "sides" just wish for their child to be healthy and disease free.

It is 2017 and I advocate that the focus should not be on the method of attaining immunity but on proving an individual's immunity is up to a mandated level. 

To restrict individual's into only one method of attaining immunity will naturally be met with resistance. 

However I believe we should be given the power of choice to choose a range of methods in immunisation but be required to prove as an individual that we have an acceptable level of immunity. With different delivery methods being developed (such as dermal patches) and therapies such as Homeopathy, providing options to individuals that can demonstrate a mandated level of immunity via pathology testing could have the potential to reduce or eradicate adverse reaction events.

Citizens who may have had adverse reactions to the delivery method of injection in the past could look to use other methods to bring their immunity to a mandated level without any fear of another adverse reaction event. 

It will also provide options to those who struggle to demonstrate antibodies even if they have been immunised by way of injection, to use other methods of delivery that their body may respond to more positively.

It means we can all encourage and discuss our immunity status without negativity or fear campaigning because it will no longer be about the one delivery method but about an individual's immunity status. 

We all want the same thing

A peaceful society that is immunised against major diseases. 

Are you for choice and peace OR no options and negativity?

Thank you.

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