Final Girl for Scream 6 Soundtrack

Final Girl for Scream 6 Soundtrack

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Started by Graveyardguy

The time has finally come. You are now seated for the long-awaited sequel to Scream (2022). After the movie comes to an end, still giddy from the rush of finding out who the killer(s) is, the screen goes black and the credits begin to roll. It‘s then when you hear the beginning of a familiar song. It’s "Final Girl" by Graveyardguy featuring Slayyyter. The perfect closing track to another legendary Scream sequel. 

This obviously isn’t the case - yet. But that doesn't mean it's impossible. Radio Silence and Paramount Pictures teamed up with Varèse Sarabande Records to put together the soundtrack for Scream (2022). There wasn't much time to get the word out before the first soundtrack was completely locked in. But this time around, we have much more time to work with, now that sources have just announced that Scream 6 has been greenlit and filming begins this summer. So there's plenty of time to spread the word and make this all happen. Which is why figured this petition would be a great way to do so. 

This petition was put together to let everyone on Scream's team know that there is a high-demand from fans of this song out there wanting to hear it become a part of the Scream cinematic universe. It would not only be a perfect addition to the soundtrack - considering how precisely the lyrics and overall sound reflect the movies - it would also be the highest honor of all time.

Recording artist Graveyardguy released “Final Girl” in 2018 with the idea of it being on a Scream soundtrack someday - someway, somehow. This song is campy, scary and fun - just like the movies. It's concept was inspired by the franchise in the first place. The track had a mind of it's own and blew up on TikTok instead through multiple viral trends, cementing Slayyyter's catchy “hot blonde, big t**s” line into everyone's mind forever.

Fast forward to early 2020, we get confirmation that a new Scream movie was on it’s way. "Final Girl" now had a growing online following and surpassed over 10 million streams across all platforms. This was sure to be the big ticket. I mean, how could they not take advantage of the perfect combination of a Scream-inspired viral TikTok hit? But unfortunately, after many efforts of Graveyardguy and fans of the Ghostface-inspired song, nothing came to be. 

Scream 6 is a whole new playing field though. And I still believe “Final Girl” is the perfect choice for any soundtrack placement on any Scream movie - or even used as a promotional tool. Especially in the golden era of TikTok. Regardless of how or what it’s used for, I would be honored to have the song I wrote about Scream be used FOR Scream. Now that’s meta! 

Sign this petition if you want to help get the attention of Radio Silence and Paramount Pictures and let them know that we want to hear “Final Girl” on the Scream 6 soundtrack. Let them know there is a fan-demand to hear “hot blonde, big t**s” bumping at a house party while some new victim is being stabbed to death - or while the credits begin to roll at the end of another incredible, blood-soaked sequel. 

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276 have signed. Let’s get to 500!