Decision Maker Response

Jamie Parker MP’s response

Jamie Parker MP
Greens Spokeperson for Planning

Apr 17, 2020 — Thank you to everyone who has signed this petition. I am with you!

Like all of you, I believe strongly that this project will have unacceptable impacts on the local community, the city and our precious environment.

As you’re probably aware, Urban Taskforce is the lobby group for developers in NSW. It appears that they are looking to cash in on this crisis by having previously refused, inappropriate and poorly designed projects rushed through.

Please see my full media release on their ‘shovel ready’ list at

I absolutely share your concerns about the small lot size being proposed here, the inevitable traffic congestion and the lack of proposed new infrastructure for this site.

Of most concern though is the irreversible threat to the 28 hectares of heavily forested land adjoining the Cumberland State forest. Given the disastrous NSW bushfires earlier this year, the government should be doing everything possible to protect and promote our forests, not fast tracking their destruction through development.

I have always stood up for the need for planning decisions to be led by local communities not developer greed. We Greens believe the community should be at the centre of planning decisions rather than being excluded and belittled.

The current coronavirus pandemic is no excuse to dismantle existing structures of over-site to let development run riot over community consultation, local needs or long term sustainability.

Thank you for caring about this issue – it is great to have your support on this one.