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FOREST IN IMMINENT DANGER - AGAIN! 55 Coonara Ave West Pennant Hills Mirvac Development

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In a SHOCK move the NSW government has agreed to "fast track" the assessment of the ForestinDanger project for Mirvac. Under the guise of an economic stimulus COVID-19 response, scores of the most controversial, environmentally and socially inappropriate developments are being fast tracked by the NSW Government.(this update 25 May 2020). 

Over 4,000 residents said NO, the Hills Shire Council recommended refusal, the adjacent Hornsby Council said NO, neither the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage nor the NSW Department of Environment, Energy and Science supported it. Please click on ForestinDanger to make an urgent submission.


So from last November's win (the refusal) we now have yet another unbelievable turn of events. The NSW government has a knee jerk list of developments to help "stimulate" the NSW economy. And wouldn't you know it Mirvac's proposal has made the list.

This list is of many proposals "held up" (yes you read right) due to them going through the correct processes and due diligence. Now we are looking at developments that will be expedited, will not need to adhere to current rules and regulations all in the name of a short term buck. Covid 19 is not the excuse that is needed to undo years of good process. Letting development run riot over community consultation, local needs, environmental requirements and long term sustainability is NOT what should be happening now.

Please click on the link below and have your say and perhaps share this petition as much as you can. An holistic approach is what is needed now, with sustainable jobs and industry. 55 Coonara Ave has all that is needed to provide both an holistic workplace and a locale for greater employment. The residential market had been stalled well before the pandemic. 

Go to:


And click on   Objection to 1/2018/PLP


November 2019

The Forest needs your help. In a DISGUSTING turn of events we understand some Hills Shire councillors have lodged a 'rescission motion' to overturn last night's majority decision to refuse the Mirvac proposal for the ForestinDanger at 55 Coonara Ave. This means the decision will go back to YET ANOTHER Council meeting on Tuesday 10th December 2019 to be decided AGAIN.

4,000 submissions with only 5 residents supporting the proposal
15,000+ people were reached about last night's meeting through www.facebook.com/ForestinDanger
14,000+ people have been reached in 18 hours with our CONGRATULATIONS post

Yet two out of the three Ward councillors for that area, Cllrs Haselden and Uno voted AGAINST the resident's wishes and FOR Mirvac's development. We think they should listen to the community. We don't know which councillors lodged this gut-wrenching rescission but presumably they hope the councillor who was absent on Tuesday will vote their way the next time. An approval would be great Christmas present for Mirvac and a slap in the face to the community.

Please, please, please, please, please, either email or leave a message with the offices of the local Ministers and just say "The planning proposal at 55 Coonara Ave, West Pennant Hills should not proceed".

Minister Dominic Perrottet said at a recent community meeting words to the effect that he'd said to Hills Council he didn't think the development on the other side of Coonara Ave should go ahead because it didn't suit what is envisaged for the area. The Mirvac development doesn't suit either as the majority of councillors decided last night.

epping@parliament.nsw.gov.au 9877 0266 Minister Perrottet
baulkhamhills@parliament.nsw.gov.au 9686 3110 Minister Elliott
office@kean.minister.nsw.gov.au 8574 6150 Environment Minister
PLEASE. Don't think someone else will do it, the Forest needs YOU.



For info on Mirvac's new plans go to  www.forestindanger.org.au/latest-update   

There's 35 more reasons to SAY NO TO MIRVAC plus there's a lot more three-storey housing on 86m² micro-lots instead of the two-storey houses they had before. 

You can make an additional submission on the new plans direct through the 'Take Action' tab. Just copy and paste anything from the 'Latest News' tab and include it in your online submission.

If you've made an objection before, just include the words "Additional submission".

 Below is prior to above update:

ForestinDanger sent a letter to the Department of Planning, Ministers etc telling them about the Koalas on the site.

They have ignored the letter. Please help us SAVE SYDNEY'S KOALAS.    

This development must not proceed.  This is last remaining Koala population in the heart of suburbia.

The NSW Forestry Corporation recently released its "Forest Management Plan outlining management of Cumberland State Forest". Page 15 of that report states that Koalas (Pteropus poliocephalus) are "KNOWN TO OCCUR WITHIN AND ADJACENT TO THE CUMBERLAND STATE FOREST".

Please sign and share.

For more information please go to ForestinDanger


Hills Shire Council has drafted a shocking new section in its Development Control Plan specifically for the former IBM site to allow one builder, Mirvac, to create micro-lots of just 86 sq metres on the ForestinDanger site. What a terrible precedent to set for the Hills Shire. These Mirvac mouse-houses won't even have room to swing a cat. More traffic, 2,000 less trees, miniscule blocks of land, special site provisions for Mirvac. 

What's to love about this proposal?

And Mirvac is insulting enough to say West Pennant Hills is "in the middle of nowhere". 

GO HOME MIRVAC. The leafy Forest Valley doesn't want your insults or your developments.

Read about the proposed changes in the new section of the ForestinDanger website once read there is the option to take action by going to the header of the page and clicking "take action".

Earlier petition information (including prior petition):

Mirvac has a development proposal in progress to rezone more than 28 hectares of heavily forested land adjoining the Cumberland State forest to allow for 400 apartments and 200 medium density houses. I am but one of the many residents who cannot stand by and just let this happen, as once this forest is gone it cannot be replaced. Please take the time to read the following information.

The proposed rezoning is to allow apartment dwellings on the entire site with no protective environmental zoning for the critically endangered Blue Gum High Forest or endangered Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest, that covers the majority of the site.  It will destroy habitat of the protected Powerful Owls that are on the site.

Bushwalking Cumberland State Forest

Have your say on the future of the Forest

Objection to Mirvac development application for 55 Coonara Ave, West Pennant Hills NSW

I am opposed to the proposed amendment to the Hills LEP to allow for medium to high density development at 55 Coonara Ave, West Pennant Hills. It allows 400 apartments and 200 houses built by Mirvac on land currently zoned B7 business park.

A significant part of the site is covered in critically endangered Blue Gum High Forest and endangered Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest. Appallingly no protective environmental zoning has been proposed. Powerful Owls which are listed as vulnerable species are found on the site. The development would destroy their habitat.

The proposed development also lacks infrastructure and amenities, with most of the site a steep walk more than 800m from the new Cherrybrook station. An extra 600 dwellings will add to traffic gridlock on Castle Hill Rd, Highs Rd, Taylor St, Aiken Rd and Oakes Rd.

Most of this land should be rezoned as E2 environmental conservation with protection for mature trees on any part of the site used for residential. We want this beautiful forest protected not bulldozed for high-density apartments.