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Let's all be honest here, this was what we were all thinking when Valve announced their fancy shmancy new card game. I mean really, what even IS dota? Sounds like some sorta lame Pokemon to me rofl.

But anyhow, we the fans know what franchise is better suited for Valve's Hearthstone rip-off: SiIvaGunner. Thanks to all the IPs this one franchise contains, Valve's card game will appeal to almost every demographic: Weebs, filthy memers, cartoon enthusiasts and even the one or two people who unironically enjoy the Nutshack. As a result, not only would Valve please more fans, but also attract more newcomers.

So please Valve, do what is right and scrap Artifact to make place for what everyone wants, the SiIvaGunner Trading Card game.




...What the fuck am I doing with my life?



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