A halt on biopics which give celebrities a clean chit instead of presenting unbiased facts

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There is no denying the fact that some years down the line, the legacy of a celebrated personality will majorly be remembered by a biopic film, made on him/her. And when we consider examples like 'Sanju' and 'Azhar', we realise it isn't uncommon that biopics present incomplete facts. To add to that, they take the celebrities' side for any wrongdoings they were a part of, during their lifetime. Hence, portraying them as innocent beings who were the misunderstood hero, during the whole controversy. Such films tend to sway the public away from real facts and the actual happenings. We cannot disagree that more that news, audiences are gullible to form an opinion based on movies. Therefore, instead of merely minting money by following the filmy pattern of presenting the protagonist as all pervasive, it becomes the responsibility of filmmakers to showcase the reality on screen, when they take up scripts about the life of an individual.

Raju Hirani is a brilliant director. The plot of 'Sanju' conveys how Sanjay Dutt keeps AK-56 rifles to protect his family. And then goes on to question the media for writing against him when he was doing such a great act of protecting his family from the underworld. Secondly, the most ironical fact is unlike how the media has been bashed and entirely blamed in the movie, it actually was instrumental in presenting his image as a suffering-hero to the public. To the extent, that they presented Sanjay Dutt's view in form of articles like, "I'm not a terrorist", which find no place in the movie. Here is a link on a post by News18 which delves deeper into this issue:


This is just one case out of many that've played a huge role in swaying people away from the truth. And, it definitely calls for a change to present celebrities' lives, as honestly as possible. Because, there is no doubting that the trends which today's generation runs after, are hugely influenced by such personalities.