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Filmmakers of the Anita Bryant Biography: Show exactly what Anita tried to do to the LGBT community!

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It appears that this project is being sponsored by the extreme right-wing to deify Anita Bryant when she is responsible for manufacturing the majority of lies being used by the Christian fundamentalists against the LGBT community today. This story MUST tell the truth about Anita Bryant and tell the world that she was akin to a Christian Hitler and was obsessed with "killing" (her words) homosexuals off in America.

We can't allow a film to be made that glorifies a person who is responsible for trying garner support to commit genocide against all LGBT Americans and we need to show how Bryant fell from grace by the efforts of many gay rights activists such as Bob Kunst of Miami, who debated Anita Bryant twice on national TV and brought her to tears in front of the television cameras which caused the Florida Citrus Council to request her to resign as their spokesperson and shortly after that, she lost her marriage. Trying to make a hero would be just as big a lie as the ones Bryant fabricated about the LGBT community and are still in use today such as "all homosexuals are pedophiles", or "all homosexuals have sex with animals", or any of the hundreds lies we all hear today from the Christian fundamentalists! All of them started with Anita Bryant! Do we want her story told honestly or do we want her story turned into some hero story starring Uma Thurman (Thurman has been signed to play Bryant)? Sign the petition and make sure Hollywood tells the truth!!

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