Fund Foundation Aid at 80% for the "Harmed Suburban Five"!

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Fill the $4.5M budget gap for Ossining Schools and fund Foundation Aid at 80% for the Harmed Suburban Five (Ossining, Glencove, Westbury, Portchester and Riverhead Schools)!

Our Districts receive less than 50% of their allocated Foundation Aid based on the formula. Currently, the average Foundation Aid funding level for school districts across the state is approximately 80%.

Since the Foundation Aid Formula was established in 2008, these Districts have experienced*:
• at least a 15% increase in student enrollment;
• at least a 30% increase in the number of English Language Learners;
• and at least a 25% decrease in the Combined Wealth Ratio (a measure of community wealth).

Furthermore, our Districts have a three-year Free and Reduced-Price Lunch applicant average of at least 49%.* The Foundation Aid gap in these Districts will continue to grow as their student needs and enrollment increase. We are simply asking that these Districts are funded at the same level as their peers by providing these Districts with at least 80% of their fully phased-in amount.