UNHCR in Egypt, please stop excluding and discriminating against Ethiopian Asylum Seekers

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Yeharerwerk Gashaw
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Worldwide Ethiopian Refugees' Rights Advocate Group US (WERRAGUSA)                                    

UNHCR, Cairo Egypt,                                                                                                                                                                             

Please stop excluding and discriminating against Ethiopian Asylum Seekers that identify as ethnic Amharas, Christian, and other Ethiopian ethnic groups such as the Gurages, Wolaitas, Sidamos, and Gedeo. 

The asylum seekers have been simply abandoned by UNHCR and left in the streets without any means to live on. Egyptian government/Immigration imprisoned Ethiopian asylum seekers just for attempting to go to another country after they were left on the streets. Denied fair trial, the right to have Amharic interpreters when appearing in court, and medical treatments, these asylum seekers are left with no hope. All these inhuman treatments are done by the Egyptian Government on Ethiopian refugees in Egypt. We strongly appeal to the Egyptian government to show its human face.

The Egypt Asylum Act recognizes the basic principle of the Geneva Convention of 1951 relating to the status of refugees. The article 3 of the Asylum Act reads as follows:  “Refugees are foreigners who in their native country or in the country of last residence is subject to or have a well-founded fear of serious disadvantages because of their race, religion, nationality,  membership of a particular social group or political opinion. Considered as serious disadvantage are viz. A threat to life, physical integrity or freedom as well as measures exerting an unbearable psychological pressure. Flight motives specific to women are to be taken into account”. Given this international agreement and the purpose of the UNHCR, we propose that the UNHCR put in place these solutions:

1.Hire fluent Amharic translators to represent asylum seekers   
2.Provide legal protection for asylum seekers as their request for deportation to another country is being processed 
3.Provide medical treatment and food for asylum seekers and their children
4.Provide fair interviews, and processing to all Ethiopian asylum seekers             without discriminating on ethnic identity, religion, gender, political association, or any other identification beyond asylum status.

If these things are provided for all Ethiopian asylum seekers, the purpose for which UNHCR was created for will truly be fulfilled.

Contact Person: Yeharerwerk Gashaw                                                      WERRAGUSA Mailing Address: 2901 W. Parker Road. #864631.                     

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We like to thank the following organizations for helping with signatures and promoting this petition on behalf of Ethiopian Asylum-Seekers, 

Ethiopian Provinces Union 

Ethiopian People National Party 

Ethiopian Women Democratic Party

Oromo People Movement For Ethiopian Unity 


Ethiopia Andinet Radio Stockholm, Sweden