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Staten Island express bus revisions

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STOP THE REVISIONS OF THE STATEN ISLAND EXPRESS BUSES !!! WE NEED MORE AND BETTER SERVICE NOT LESS AND WORSE !!! THIS petition is to request that the MTA board NOT approve the current Staten Island express bus revisons.  The goal of these revisons are to decrease travel time.  Yet, commute time has increased for over 1/3 of ridership with many having to transfer to transfer to additional transportation.  Half of the service to Fr Capodanno has been eliminated.  80% of all SI cuts were made along Hylan Blvd and Hylan/Fr Cap.  The East corridor serves almost 50% of ridership !!! Buses with highest ridership have been eliminated or merged with other high ridden routes.  The midtown west 3 buses from Hylan have all now merged into 1 and are all on the busiest island road, Hylan Blvd, with 10 miles of bus stops !!! Service MUST be returned to the Fr Cap park and ride, to Hylan north of Midland individually, and to midtown east and west.  These drastic cuts along with removal of bus stops to 1/2 mile apart will create hardship for many riders.  My commute personally will go from 60 minutes to @ 2 hours each way.  More time needs to be taken to properly survey ALL riders with more detailed questions and not just 2 or 3,000 .. we are 36,000 riders !!!! Instead of creating an quicker commute for most riders, you are creating the reverse.  And until ALL the current major traffic situations are addressed and remedied, these revisons are meaningless for those traveling on Hylan, for those traveling around the battery park loop, for those traveling on 5th, 23rd street and 42nd street .... it is imperative that riders have more input in these revisonsas WE RIDE THE BUSES DAILY AND ARE EXPECTED TO CONTINUE RIDING THEM GOING FORWARD!!!!  THESE REVISIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE TO ALMOST ALL RIDERS ON MOST ROUTES !!! 


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