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Filipinos to welcome e-jeeps

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Jeepneys have been the cultural icon of Philippine transportation, being dubbed as the "Kings of the Road", and have been around since the end of World War II. They are basically customized surplus trucks meant to bring commuters to their respective destinations. These jeepneys may be a product of the Filipino creativity and resourcefulness, but such products also have an expiration date. 

Presently, there has been a recent buzz surrounding the impending jeepney phase-out of 15-year old jeepneys to address a few problems, such as: dilapidated jeepney models, environmental pollution, respiratory illnesses, traffic, and road accidents; this proves to be a big issue considering that majority of the operational jeepneys are either beyond or nearing the 15-year old mark. Along with this, the DOTr (Department of Transportation) together with LTFRB have suggested a PUJ modernization program that will involve the transitioning of conventional jeepneys to e-jeeps. 

Those directly affected will be the jeepney drivers and operators with their concerns about how they will lose their source of income if ever the phase out will persist; although the DOTr and LTFRB has already addressed that there will no phase out, rather they would just level up or get a face lift.

Instead of openly rejecting that proposition of the DOTr and LTFRB, the drivers and operators of the conventional jeepneys should also consider the benefits that come with driving or owning e-jeepneys. One such benefit is that it would discipline the drivers to comply with the speed limit as e-jeeps essentially run on electricity and the drivers cannot afford to recklessly waste their power on over speeding. Another benefit would be that e-jeepneys do not contribute to the environmental pollution by producing heavy carbon emissions. E-jeep drivers would also have designated routes to gather passengers so they won't have to congest or crowd roads in pursuit of passengers. These are only a few of the benefits e-jeep drivers, commuters, and other vehicles and motorists on the road can gain from the transitioning of the jeepneys to become e-jeeps. 

We hope that whoever stumbles upon this petition would consider these possibilities so that we can improve the Philippine public transportation and the general travel quality and experience of commuters, drivers, and motorists alike. 




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