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April 20, 2017

President of the Republic of the Philippines
San Miguel St.,
Manila, Philippines

Dear Your Excellency;

Many of my most thoughtful party mates still seem torn about the turn of event that besets our people in government which you entrusted the seal of public trust. They are disgusted and disappointed by people living in double life which you appointed to do the mandate of the constitution, but uncomfortable as we are. However, we find ourselves in a very different perspective in which we can help you to do your mission in life, “For real change of our Mother Land”

Fraternally, we are the Original PDP-LABAN in Mindanao who helped create MRRD-NECC who unlike other Duterte coalitions, we fought so hard to defeat the most corrupt hegemony (The YellowTards) in the country. After your election, we continue working for the needed social innovation and organized the Mindanao wide launching of PDP LABAN/MRRD-NECC including Basilan, Sulo and Tawi-tawi under the tutelage of Atty. Frank Quijano, Like many of our party mates, we are a fiscal conservative and social progressive who has often struggled to find patriotic people to support and aligned with your mission and philosophy.

In this early, the choice between your most trusted men around you to be the next DILG Secretary is clear: For one should fully qualify to be our next DILG Secretary and the other has neither the experience nor the temperament to be one. For this reason we are passionately endorsing Atty Franklin Quijano to be the next DILG Secretary. Let me explain my rationale.

Frank Quijano as we’ve known ourselves since 1991, will be a terrific leader for our country, and will rebuild confidence in our nation for its people in the local government. As several of our party mates leaders in Mindanao, including Senator Koko himself, have said, he is the most qualified and most experienced person ever to be endorsed for DILG Secretary. He has the intellect, temperament, wisdom, and leadership ability to bring us together as a nation and lead us forward. I trust him fully to use his experience to make the right decisions and always put the interests of the Filipinos ahead of his own needs. He will also unleash fresh energy from new faces or those who have been sitting on the sidelines, dismayed by other dysfunctional of government agencies.

Having been in public service for almost twenty-five years, his actions have been scrutinized in every possible way. This has caused him to be guarded in public as he has been noted in his campaign speeches, “If you want to build a Nation, Build a Character”. I realize I am more comfortable with service than being public.” That is not unusual for a man seeking our nation’s DILG Secretary
No doubt Frank Quijano has made mistakes, but which of us has not made significant mistakes in our careers that we have come to regret? The issue for politicians like Atty Quijano is that everything you do is examined with a microscope in the public eye. In contrast, Atty. Quijano’s other contemporaries has never held a public or elected position that long, who has no record of service to examine.

A majority of our party mates are looking for change in appointing our next DILG Head, but there is no agreement on what that change might look like. In my experience there are two ways to create change: blow the system up and start over, or work diligently for change from within. Real change is genuinely hard work and must come from within. This is where Mayor Frank Quijano excels. Everyone who has worked with him including us PDP-MRRD-NECC – Republicans has come to admire his work ethic and her ability to create positive action. He realizes changes by working with all sides and across the aisle to reach compromise agreements that serve the greater good. This kind of change is never glamorous or exciting, but it is the only way to make meaningful progress. Atty Quijano’s record of creating improvements in the Local Government, economic, human rights and equality for all is exceptional.

In the good governance, it had been even greater latitude to make monumental decisions with lasting consequences. Not infrequently, A Secretary who lack deep knowledge of a true responsive governance can make major mistakes, as sec. Sueno, Peter La Vina did in their most political undoing. This is why PDP LABAN-MRRD-NECC had been unified in our position. This is the unity that can make a valid, a very relevant and responsive local government.

In this realm Atty. Quijano stands out even more. He will use his leadership, diplomacy and negotiating skills to advance DILG into a greater height. He knows every aspect in the local government and can gauge and influence their actions. In turn, they know him to be both tough and trustworthy – two essential qualities for dealing with both friends and foes. He will not flinch from confronting our foes, nor fail to honor our long-standing commitments to constitution and the Pilipino people.
Being DILG secretary is not a one-person job. While the DILG Secretary may be the person constantly in the spotlight, it takes hundreds of exceptional leaders to lead this country. With Atty Quijano’s long history of working with the most dedicated public servants, I expect he will appoint a talented team of experienced veterans combined with dedicated new faces across the political and geographic spectrum that represents country’s great diversity. This is what capable leaders like Atty. Quijano do so well.
For all these reasons we endorsed Atty. Franklin Quijano. We humbly urge you Mr. President, to appoint Mayor Quijano and let him take the helm. He is the right leader for this trying. As DILG secretary, Mayor Quijano will make your personal quest as president more fortified and even greater.

So we hope and pray

Alexander C. Paurom, MSTCM
PDP-LABAN Vice President for Northern Mindanao
MRRD-NECC Interim Regional President

With concurrence as stated below;

Dorothy Fe Balaba
Chair Person PDP LABAN
Cagayan de Oro

Felix Lopez
PDP LABAN, Secretary General

Engr. Rodulfo “Pong” Pancrudo
Chair Person PDP LABAN, Bukidnon

Lucena “Inday” Torejas Kellett
Regional Chairman MRRD-NECC Regional 9, Basilan Sulu and Tawi-tawi

Roberto Quicio
Provincial Cahirman, Lanao del Norte,

Jun Santos
PDP LABAN Provincial Chairman
Misamis Oriental District II

Pastor Tenorio
President PDP LABAN
Iligan City

Christopher F. Zarate
President, District II
Cagayan de Oro City

Cesar Ledesma
Original Convener PDP LABAN, 1981

Cezar Cuntapay
PDP LABAN. Regional Chair REgion IX
Davao city

Nestor Montemor
PDP-LABAN, Misamis Occidental

Lorie Echieverria
MRRD-NECC, Ozamis City

Noli Garcia
Zamboanga, REgion 9
Arnold “Glaveys” GLavys" Gavenia
Zamboanga del sur/Pagadian City

Manny Lumanao
PDP Regional President

Fulgencio L. Daba
Cagayan de Oro City

Edgardo Beltran
PDP-LABAN Secretary General
REgion 9

Brgy Chair Marlone Tabak Secretary General PDP LABAN, C

Butch Bagabuyo Jr.
PDP LABAN Vice President
District 1, Cagayan de Oro City
Roger “Don Don’ Torayno Jr.
PDP LABAN Vice President 2nd District, CDO

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