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Every time there is a new president, there is a new Bureau of Customs chief that is appointed by the president.  Every time that there is a new Bureau of Customs chief, there are new rules and regulations, and additional taxes and duties are imposed on our balikbayan boxes. We, as Filipinos from all over the world, should not allow this to happen.  We are fighting back.  We had fought back BOC chief: Bert Lina, when he ordered the opening our boxes and added additional taxes to our balikbayan boxes.  We made then President Ninoy Aquino raise our tax exemptions from 10,000 pesos to 150,000 pesos per year per person. Now, with the new BOC chief: Faeldon, we want to tell him that the process that he is implementing is burdensome and unnecessary.  We want him to LEAVE OUR BALIKBAYAN BOXES ALONE! 

We want the Philippine government to REPEAL this law.  We are hard working Filipinos from all over the world and we send these balikbayan boxes to our families in the Philippines to show our families how much we love them and miss them. There should be no more additional paperwork, taxes and screenings that should be required of our balikbayan boxes than what is in place.  The BOC is able to determine by using truck x-ray if there is contraband in the balikbayan boxes without having to go through individual screenings. The additional paperwork and taxes will produce undue burden to the balikbayan box senders and will cause delay of delivery of boxes.

Filipinos, we need to be united in fighting this law.  We want the Philippine government to LEAVE OUR BALIKBAYAN BOXES ALONE!. No more will we tolerate scrutiny and additional taxes levied on our balikbayan boxes with every regime change.

  • "LEAVE OUR BALIKBAYAN BOXES ALONE!", our mantra and our cry. Let everyone know of our online petition to stop this regime and any future regimes from messing with our balikbayan boxes.


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