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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte must resign

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I am a human rights lawyer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I appeal to all decent and good human beings in the Philippines and throughout the world - to join in this petition to force serial human rights violator Rodrigo Duterte - to resign as President of the Philippines.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines and other concerned organizations - have documented Duterte's horrendous record of thousands of extra judicial killings. Even children addicts have been killed. As former mayor of Davao City, about 1700 such deaths are attributed to the Davao Death Squad also known as DDS. Davao residents say it's also known as Duterte Death Squad. 

He has now taken this extrajudicial killings  to the national level. In the less than 4 months as President, about 4000 deaths have been recorded - killed by police or unknown killers. More are unrecorded as bodies are thrown into the ocean or buried in secret sites. 

Having no respect for basic moral  universal human rights values - the sanctity of life and due process rights mean nothing to him. 

As members of the human family, President Barrack Obama, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, European Union leaders and religious leaders - have called on Duterte to stop these state sponsored murders. 

In response, the foul mouthed Duterte called them sons of whores and for them to mind their own business. He also called the Pope  the son of a whore when his Philippine visit caused traffic.

This culture of death is tearing apart the fabric of Philippine society. No one is safe from being arbitrary killed. Anybody can be killed by the police or anybody and then labeled as a druggie - and hardly any investigation takes place.

Like Hitler, he has mesmerized many Filipinos. He tells them that those being killed are drug addicts, dealers and criminals. In truth, many are not. Just victims of criminal police and other syndicates, personal vendettas or Duterte critics.

And very recently, in a state visit to China, without consultation from the Filipino people, the half Chinese Duterte who has communist ties announced his break with the United States militarily and economically. The U.S. has been an ally,  friend and partner of the Philippines for over a hundred years. In times of disaster, the U.S. gives more aid to the Philippine than any other country.

And more than any other people on earth, Filipinos love Americans. There are about 4 million Filipino Americans. As compared with China, a recent survey showed that the trust rating of the US among Filipinos is very high. 

But Duterte often expresses open hatred with his dirty mouth not only against Americans but also against Europeans, Catholics, gay people and his critics. Journalists are often insulted and threatened by Duterte trolls and by his disinformation team - some of whom are Chinese computer techies.

He has now forced US military forces out of the Philippines. He also has downplayed the major victory of the Philippines brought by the previous administration in the International Tribunal on the Law of the Seas against China's bullying intrusion into Philippine territory and taking over islets and reefs and huge areas  rich in oil and marine resources - and building military bases. He does not want  the Chinese to leave.

In a speech, he likened himself to Hitler and expressed his desire to kill 3 million drug addicts which grossly offended the Jewish global community. He later apologized but many found his apology to be insincere.

Filipinos are a gentle hardworking people well liked throughout the world. Duterte is now creating a terrible image for the Philippines and a dark future for its people. He can never recover from the image he has created for himself as a foul mouthed hateful  unstable serial killer.

Already, the robust Philippine economy is spiraling downward as investors are rushing to pull out their money. The value of the peso has dwindled. Poverty stricken Filipinos will suffer more hunger and need. 

He also has approved the burial of the late greedy brutal dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the national cemetery for heroes which is an insult to Filipinos and humanity.

Duterte idolizes Hitler and Marcos. This kind of man is clearly unfit to be a national  leader. He personifies evil. He is the engineer of a train headed to hell. 

Please sign this petition and be part of the Duterte Resign Movement. This is not an organization but a consciousness in the hearts and minds of good and decent men and women who want a better Philippines and a better world.

Ted Laguatan                                                                                                      Duterte Resign Movement





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