Decongestion of Traffic in the Philippines

Decongestion of Traffic in the Philippines

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Angelo Gomez started this petition to Filipino People

Heavy Traffic is one of the worst problems in the Philippines, and everyone experiences it, no exemption. Many of us failed to go to their work, school, and meetings on time because of this heavy traffic which affects our lives. If this problem is solved, expect a very convenient way of transporting into different places in our country which may also affect the progress of our agendas positively in every single day.

Traffic in Metro Manila, based on the 2015 Global Satisfaction conducted by Waze, Metro Manila has the "worst traffic on Earth". Based on the 2015 Census of population by the Philippine Statistic Authority, the highly urbanized cities of Metro Manila were listed as being some of the densest cities in the world.

If someone would ask, “Why is it traffic in our area nowadays?”, the usual answers would be increasing population density and vehicular density. These answers make sense. Increasing population density simply means that the number of people residing in a specified land area increases while the land area is held constant. Same thing with the increasing vehicular density – the number of vehicles on the road increases while holding the land area constant. For me, this is the ROOT cause of the traffic in our country. Is there something that we can do to address this pressing problem? Unfortunately, we can’t stop people from migrating from rural to urban areas because of greater job opportunities (This is another issue and is not part of scope of this post). On another hand, we can’t blame the middle class people from buying vehicles not only because of the “cheaper down payment” nowadays but also because of the hassle and discomfort in using our public transportation.

Do you wonder where do heavy traffics came from and why is it happening every now and then? Here are the Major Reasons of Heavy Traffic in the Philippines:

  1. Corrupt Government
  2. Undisciplined Drivers
  3. Public Utility Vehicles (P.U.V.) Stops Everywhere
  4. Rough Roads
  5. No Parking Lots

Now, what is the solution to this problem?

 1. Improve enforcement.

 2.  Create a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).

 3. Stricter driver's license issuance and renewal.

 4. Parking Lots Should Require Before Buying Cars.

 5. Coordinated Road infrastructure projects and urban planning

There is another simplistic solution we have not experienced nor have we validated its effectiveness or otherwise. It is this: remove all parked cars on all roads and streets, suspend all LGUs parking schemes that use our roads and streets.

We can be also a part of this change. Being a disciplined citizen of the Philipines, we can make a big effect in reducing heavy traffic in our beloved country. If this problem is solved, we may have a very convenient transportation to different places.


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