Ban Elcano & Magellan from showing in Philippine Theaters

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The inaccuracy of the film, the way they depict our country is laughably bad. From the fauna, to the events, to the clothes worn by our people. I can tell that the atrocities my ancestors were exposed to will not be in the film (the burning of our writings, the rape and killing of our spiritual leaders, etc.). The Filipinos in the film are also shown to be savages, when in reality, that is far from the truth. We were kingdoms that already had diplomatic relationships with other Asian countries, had complex social classes and laws, and civilized enough to celebrate art.

Magellan and Elcano being protagonists is really tone deaf. They were tasked to look for new land to expand their territory. They forced upon us their religion and belief, thinking that ours are outdated and evil.

It's almost as if the production did not consult an actual Filipino when making the animated film. It is an insult to us, an insult to the hardships we were subjected to for all those 333 years under Spanish rule. I don't believe that anyone in this country would benefit from such a movie, and I think it would hurt us more seeing how we are depicted by the ones that colonized us. From the looks of it, the movie is made for kids. We would not want this level of miseduction for our future generation.