No to Martial law

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Martial Law. Why did they even create this kind of act? why? so they could show that the President is in full control of the country? that no one can overpower the President? Personally, I didn't get the chance to experience martial law, but according to the stories I heard from my family, it was not fun, it was not even what you could've imagined, but because of that act of former President Marcos there were good and bad outcomes. First, many people died during that period of time, many sufferred, innocent lives were taken from them. But who would've thought that because of this act by President Marcos, the people opened their eyes and the first person who did it was Sen. Ninoy Aquino. He was the one who had the guts to confront Marcos, he was the one who triggered the people to fight against the so called "dictator" which was true by the way, but sadly, Aquino was assasinated. Some say that it was Marcos's doing other rumors say that it was the Cojuangco's doing. But either way Ninoy was still assasinated. Why? Because Ninoy was the only person who can stood up against Marcos, so they thought of Ninoy as a "threat" to Marcos because they knew that when Ninoy comes back from the states. He will beat Marcos in the upcoming elections. Ninoy was even warned that he will get assasinated if he comes back, but what did Ninoy do? Because of the love for his country he still came back. But what Marcos said was true, Ninoy got assasinated. The case was never solved. Is this really the effect of having too much power over one thing? After Ninoy was assasinated, this fueled the people to start a Coup d'ètat against the Marcos administration. The Coup was led by Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel V. Ramos. Enrile was Marcos's former Minister of Defense while Ramos was his Deputy Chief Officer. The two turned against there Chief in Command because they started to question it's legitimacy, so they started the rebellion to overpower Marcos to resign from its Presidency, but it was not easy. Many people perished because of this movement, innocent lives were taken. They fought against Martial Law in other terms. But I continue to ask myself, if Marcos didn't really do anything why didn't he just face the accusations he recieved. Why did he put the entire country under Martial Law?