Battle Against Disinformation #StandForTheTruth

Battle Against Disinformation #StandForTheTruth

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Started by Keirsten Dimaguila

Disinformation is the deliberate spread of false information, or most commonly known as fake news. It is the manipulation of facts in which information is being fabricated and spread for propaganda. It is foremost intentionally done to harm a person, social group, organization, or country.

The algorithms that govern our digital world and the massive spread of disinformation have also made it possible for dictators, autocrats, and those with immense power and machinery to create false claims and alternate realities online. 

It has impacted not only the judgments of Filipino citizens but the integrity of journalists, and all those people fighting for the truth.

Everyone has a responsibility to combat the scourge of fake news. The proliferation of disinformation increases animosity and polarization online, creates suspicion against institutions, and makes it difficult for people to identify what is authentic, especially with the 2022 Philippine elections approaching and the epidemic still present.

Trolls on social media have also made it more difficult for people to conduct meaningful conversations and engage in political debates. By signing this petition, you can make a change.

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53 have signed. Let’s get to 100!