Childrens rights

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The problem is that children are being treated horribly around the world. We want to solve this problem because the thought of someone our age or younger being hurt in any way is horrible. We are 4 kids doing a school project on rights and we chose children's rights. So as a part of that we made this petition to inform the world about how children are being treated. Here we discuss child labour, health care for children, children at war and child abuse.

Child labour is when children work for a very little amount of  money. Sweatshops are a perfect example of this. Sweatshops are buildings where rows upon rows of children sit to work for very little money. It's usually the clothing industries that use easy and cheap child labour but it's also other things and people. Most sweatshops use children to sew or to put parts together. Child labour can be found in not only sweatshops but so many other places. Working in agriculture (farming) and other things are perfect examples as well. They usually involve horrible working conditions. Low salary and very few breaks. 

Children all over the world don't get proper health care and vaccines which can lead to death or horrible diseases. a few of the worst diseases for children to get are: Measles,HIV/aids, and if you don't have medicine or help chicken pox could be horrible for a kid if not treated. It's hard for kids in poor family's to get proper medicine because it can cost a lot and they just don't have that kind of money. It could also be that there aren't any good doctors available close to them.

War is a horrible thing that nobody should have to go through but its even worse when its children fighting . Many children are forced to work to help defend their country by fighting in a war. When in a war it's obviously good to have more and more people, which is already a horrible thing to do because they force many people to fight for them. But then they're people who use children. It goes too a whole different level when they use children because they are innocent and being forced to kill and very likely be killed.

Abuse comes in many many types which are all horrible. Abuse is when children are hurt mentally and/or physically. It can be where the children's guardian just neglects them and doesn't look after them at all or guardians who bully their children. It can also be sexual abuse which can leave a kid mentally scared or feeling horrible. There are also the people who physically abuse Children, it can be anything from kicking and punching to full on beating them up. It is almost always people in our close to the family. Sometimes it's even the guardians of the child.

There are many ways of helping so we decided to give you some ideas to get you started if you want to make a change.

how to help:

  • Try to buy clothes from a clothing shop that doesn't use child labour. Lots of companies use child labour no matter how well known. Like h&m, nestle,disney and much more make sure you do your own research to find out.
  • Tell people about this petition or other organisations that support children and their rights.
  • Donate to a charity
  • Even just sign this petition :) 

  Hope you have learned a lot from this petition and how to help. Thanks for reading and hopefully signing this petition to help make a change. 

Thank you.


Filii Iura


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