Childrens rights

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To tell people about children and how they are being mistreated all around the world and that you can help make a change. Its extremely important that kids are treated well because without kids there would be no adults and so on. This includes Abuse,health,children in war and child labour.

Child labour is when children work for a very little amount of  money. Sweat shops are shops usually made for companies when they need easy cheap clothes. Many well known brands use sweatshops.

Children all over the world dont get proper health care and vaccines which can lead to death or horrible diseases. a few of the worst diseases for children to get are: Measles,HIV/aids, and if you dont have medicine or help chicken pox could be bad for a child.

War is a horrible thing that nobody should have to go through but its even worse when its children fighting . Many children are forced to work to help defend their country by fighting in a war.

Abuse comes in many many types which are all horrible. Abuse is when children are hurt mentally physically and much much more. Lots of the cases include a family member or someone close to their family's.

There are many ways of helping: Donating to a charity with money or clothes. Even something simple like checking if they use child labour and sweatshops.

how to help

  • Try to buy clothes from a clothing shop that doesn't use child labour. Lots of companies use child labour no matter how well known. Like h&m, nestle,disney and much more make sure you do your own research to find out.
  • Donate to a charity
  • Even just sign this petition :) 

  Hope you have learned a lot from this petition and we how to help.

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