Get Parcel2go to compensate for damaged to a picture that we insured for a cancer charity

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I used Parcel2go to deliver a Liverpool signed picture worth over £300 to the mother of a friend who died of cancer, it was sent to be auctioned for both a cancer and animal charity, I ticked the box to Insurance for Damage or loss, it didn't come up and say its not allowed, we typed and told them what it was, It was well packaged and had fragile and glass written on the package, when the lady who's charity got it it was smashed to bits, damaged and no longer can be raffled, when I sent photos and claim to Parcel2go they said sorry it only cover loss,  they then sent me a emails saying glass is not covered and when I read the small print basically nothing was covered, only for loss, so why have damage, I would not of used Parcel2go if that was the case with it being glass. Please sign and share so we can get compensation for both the cancer and animal charity it was intended for.

This is very poor from Partcel2go please shame them into getting the money to the charities.