IMMEDIATE resignation of Minister of Health Hon Rosy Akbar

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Fijis medical system has failed its people at so many different levels its a national crisis.

Quality of specialist and front line service, outdated and ill maintained hospitals, lack of equipment and pharmaceutical shortage and subsidy for Fijian people.

People are made to buy medicine out of pocket from private pharmacys when hospitalised yet minister claims we have free healthcare? People dying because hospitals are led by graduate interns due to severe shortage of skilled mentors?

Ambulances are available but people cannot access it even the poorest. Nurses and Doctors are working at breaking point with no incentives affecting compassionate care and productivity and with lack of ongoing training. Those medical centres in far fetched islands is worst affected.

Hospitals dont have carers rest rooms for families who spend nights and days next to their loved ones during such difficult times esp those that come from rural or outer islands in the absence of families in towns and cities. 

Dialysis cost FJD $250 per session some requiring 3 sessions a week but no significant government funding allocated. Hospitals have dialysis machines donated to them catching dust at hospitals and inpatients even at ICU or CCU at public hospitals asked to pay for ambulance and go to private dialysis providers and return to hospital with no qualified nurses accompanied but caring families? Catheters and Fistula insertions not paid by government but done by government doctors at private clinics mostly in unsterlised conditions whilst we have minor and major theatres at hospitals with all contingency equipment yet government specialists do it at private clinics and charge in excess of $2000 for these insertions. I have had to deal with this first hand with my late mum at Lautoka hospital in the last 2 years.

There is no isolation rooms for those waiting NCD related amputation and the fowl smell from diseased legs are in intolerable to other inpatients and visitors. Medical System has failed its people and someones loved one is a victim everyday and majority goes unreported to public and uninvestigated.