Fiji Airways Daylight Robbery of Tuvaluans

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Fiji Airways charge an average price of NZD$1300 for a return airfare from Suva to Funafuti, Tuvalu. On the flight you are offered either a muesli bar that's made for toddlers and two biscuits or a packet of chips and a mini pack or Oreos with water. The flight duration is 2hrs and 30mins. For that price I would expect a first class meal or a trip to Europe.

There is only one airline traveling to Tuvalu from Fiji that service Tuvaluans traveling mostly from NZ and Australia. Often the flights are fully booked or in some cases overbooked with business travelers. 

The average yearly wage in Tuvalu for a government worker is $10,000 before tax and so for one government worker they would have to work around 48 days, thats a month and a half in order for them to afford one return airfare from Tuvalu to Suva. What about for those who don't work in the government? Tough luck?!!

Fiji Airways have a monopoly on travels to Tuvalu and its just wrong because they are stealing from the poor.

We are not asking for free fares, we simply want fairness in prices and treat us with respect when you provide your food.