Keeping All Children in a Safe School Environment. Fighting for our LGBTQ community.

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At the start of this petition we were trying to remove an Amanda Shera from her school board position. Over the past months we haven’t stopped. We have talked to the inspector general, the state board of accounts, the Indiana Department of Education, the state school boards association, the national school boards association, educational advocacy groups, and legal council. 

I have asked to be put on the agenda to speak at the next school board meeting. When I get this approval and date, please attend and bring your fellow supporters. We must push back before our children are pushed out.



I am asking for you to sign and share this petition to remove Hamilton Southeastern Schools board member Amanda Shera from her position on the board. 

Amanda does not represent the mission statement put forth by our school district. 

On several occasions she has violated policy by using her personal social media accounts to express her personal views that have reflected negatively on the district.

 Most recently Amanda wrote a tirade on social media attacking and intimidating current board members, candidates, teachers and students. In this day and age we call this bullying. HSE schools currently have a no bullying policy in effect. 

Amanda has made it a personal vendetta to remove the rights of the LGBT students in our district. These are the posted comments on her social media page. 

 Last year she used her position on the board by going to the Indy Star and trying to get a book banned from the district.          (See article attachment)


In the 22 years I have lived in Fishers, I have never seen a board member behave so selfishly. 

These actions have tarnished our districts image.