9 April 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by AKP SAR


Judicial independence and impartiality are the cornerstone of any robust system of checks and balances. The abuse of power, the breakdown of the rule of law, widespread disillusionment causes unrest in the society. People with self-interests, political agenda, corruption are some of the factors which will create unrest in this democratic society. If people lose faith in this system, social stability cannot be guaranteed.

This petition is logged on behalf of Snr Citizens, who are fighting for their justice. It pains to say, these Snr citizens will not be able to witness their Judgement Day- due to huge delay in court hearings, adjournments etc. There are many people around the world sinking their lives in the darkness of dignity. Hence, this petition for those Snr Citizens to witness their Judgement Day. There is a need for Justice reform for at least Snr Citizens.

These Snr Citizens are backbone of our economies, who have paid their taxes and served the Governments. The TATA’s have shown their gratitude to these Snr Citizens by slashing 50% airline prices. I hope the Government recognises and help these Snr Citizens to deliver their judgment in 6 months.

First, it is hard to reach the bench then monthly adjournments of judicial cases is horrendous. The Government through ordinance must reform these and help these Snr Citizens, so their judgements can be at ease.

Many countries have legalised Euthanasia bill, can there be a similar act to support these Snr Citizens for their Judgement Day. So, they can get their dignity and self-respect back.

Hence, the petition to get “JUDGEMENT IN 6 MONTHS FOR Snr. CITIZENS”

This Snr Citizen who is fighting to make it to the Judgement Day. He was affected by COVID, he is fighting hard for his Judgement Day. Will he succeed?

Do you think the justice system can accommodate these provisions for Snr Citizens? Can a law be passed for these Snr Citizens to expedite their hearings and witness before Sunsets on them? 

How could a common man seek justice from this disillusioned system??

Village: Aknapur           Mandal: Nawabpet          District: Vikarabad 

State: Telangana                                                          Country: India

The story is about a Snr Citizen aged 74 years fighting for justice with a Sarpanch (Village head) who is just half his age. The numerous efforts made to get justice from law enforcements went vain. The online petitions that were filed with these enforcements were closed with no response. It’s just an embarrassment to a common man seeking justice.

Hence, this petition on behalf of all Snr Citizens, who are eagerly waiting for their “Judgement Day”. The below links to make their voices heard and share your stories to the wider world. So, the Government can make reforms to deliver justice before Sunsets on them.


Website: - – This website has all the historical information of pending police complaints, judicial cases, high court case (showcase notice for abusing his affidavit for Sarpanch election) and verbal conversation.

Twitter: - #Justice_Reforms_Snr_Citizens

I would kindly request all people to support this petition and help these Snr. Citizens to receive their Judgements, need to have separate cells at each police station. So, their problems are not only addressed but resolved with care.

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Signatures: 44Next Goal: 50
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