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Save Princeville

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Princeville, North Carolina is the oldest town charted by freed slaves in America.  The town endured devastating flooding twice in the past 17 years.  One year falling victim of a government decision, and the second year due to the land not being properly protected by the levee that is currently in place.  We know that our town’s heritage and land is extremely valuable, but has been given little opportunity to rebuild and sustain.  Now the government has decided that this town is no longer worth saving and has placed an “optional” buyout program, but what option does one truly have when they can’t afford the expensive repairs in an areas that has been stripped of its resources?  We are simply asking for a fair chance.  We DO NOT, we repeat, we DO NOT want hand outs, we simply want justice.  We are petitioning that the levy is properly prepared so that this does not happen again, or assistance in elevating our homes.  We are also petitioning for more time so that the community can find a way to help citizens who’s backs are agains the wall, deciding whether to abandon their home and land because they see no other way out.  Simple correction of the levee, time and a dialogue with our state government on how we plan to be a self-sustaining town is all that we are asking for.  Please sign the petition and help us save our land, and preserve our history!  This is more than just a piece of land, this is our heritage, our history, and our identity.  #SavePrinceville

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