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Fight “Personhood” Laws That Threaten Global Reproductive Rights

This year saw a rise in so-called “personhood” ballot measures that seek to amend U.S. state constitutions so that they endow fertilized eggs, zygotes and fetuses with the status of a “person” under the law.

Not only would such measures unconstitutionally ban abortion, they would also ban many forms of birth control and could result in the end of assisted reproductive technology, such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

The same “personhood” playbook is now being used beyond U.S. borders -- by anti-choice groups working against global recognition of reproductive rights.

From Kenya to Hungary to Mexico, these groups are lobbying for constitutional protection of life from conception — the first step in a frightening long-term strategy that could even lead to bans on contraception.

They’re making alliances with conservative governments to roll back sexual and reproductive rights that already exist. And they’re pushing for language in United Nations treaties that “affirms the sanctity of life, marriage and the family.”

In Africa, in Asia, and in Central and South America, reproductive rights are being so severely restricted that we must act. It is simply wrong that there are countries where even victims of rape or incest cannot get emergency contraception. 

Tell President Obama: Safe and legal abortion is a woman's human right. 

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