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Fight human trafficking in Ohio by making the Ohio Senate pass The End Demand Act

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The End Demand Act will increase protections for Ohio’s trafficking victims, particularly minors and victims with developmental disabilities.

Protections include improved treatment of victims, eased burden of proof for prosecutors, and increased punishment for traffickers and men who buy sex with minors.

Your support would help achieve the following:

Treatment of Victims

-Creates 149.435 to prevent disclosure of police records identifying abused children as delinquent children

-Amends 2937.11 to allow victims to provide televised testimony from outside the courtroom

-Amends 2907.24, 241, & 25 to provide an affirmative defense to prostitution charges if defendant is a human trafficking victim (no need for an actual human trafficking conviction)

-Amends 2901.13 to extend the statute of limitations for human trafficking to 20 years

Child Sex Traffickers

-Amends 2151.414 to empower courts to permanently remove custody rights of parents who trafficked children in their home

-Creates 2907.19 to make advertising sex for hire with image of child a third degree felony

-Amends 2905.32 to recognize the victimhood of child sex trafficking victims and make prosecution of child sex traffickers easier

Men Who Buy Sex with Minors

-Amends 2907.07 to remove knowledge of age as a defense to charges of soliciting minors

-Amends 2907.24 to make soliciting a minor or developmentally disabled person a third degree felony

Other Provisions that Affect Traffickers and Johns

-Creates 2927.19 to make advertising massage without a license a fifth degree felony in order to crack down on human trafficking operations that front as massage parlors

-Amends 2950.01 to include anyone who trafficks a child or solicits a child as a Tier II sex offender/child victim offender

-Amends 2907.32 to ease the burden of proof for the prosecutor when trying to convict child sex traffickers. Instead of having to prove compulsion, the prosecutor only has to provide proof that the victim was a child (under 18). 

Sign to make the Ohio Senate Criminal Justice Committee schedule hearings for The End Demand Act (HB 130) and support the passage of the bill!

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